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Public Landscaping / Pavilion 

GIA Competition Entry - FINALIST 



A collaboration with Alison Hesketh.


An entry for the Seven Loch's Wetland Park Green Link competition organised by the GIA. 


This competition sought to create a 'green link' across the M74 at Drumpellier Country Park just outside of Glasgow which would connect areas of the wider Wetland park. The link would provide both a physical connection for visitors to the park but also to wildlife. 


The proposal sees the link as only a small part of a wider series of interventions across the primary routes of the park. This intervention reuses and expands an existing road bridge while creating a visitor viewpoint and landmark, clearly visible from the existing country park. The primary goal for this structure is to highlight, through a combination of its form, mass and materiality the continuation of the Wetland Park across the barrier of the motorway. The structure will allow the visitor to orientate themselves within the wider park before continuing their route.


Landscaping on the widened bridge continues the park's vegetation and wildlife across the motorway.


This proposal was shortlisted and reached the final of the design competition. 



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